Saturday, 23 July 2011

Breakfast at the heartbreak hotel

I apologies for spelling mistakes. I swear that my heads full of cotton wool atm I feel like just eyes, hands and ears, I'm that tired. Or if I am jabbering

So this weeks been odd, it just has ok.
Oh I managed to hit my head on the frame of a car door, that hurt then I then hit it again on a desk. Clever.

DnD was interesting. We found a dragon/lizard man and a hag in seperate rooms in the walls of this underground place of wierdness in the town of wierd. So the Hag bummed John over. Then there were Dread somethings they were a bitch to hit. Then we decided to go down the stairs in the place of weirdness. and there were rooms and corridors. Its a bad idea to make the humans go infront but also a good idea as they set of spike traps that came to an average sized persons my 4ft 5 persons nipples probably if I got caught. So behind door number one, there was a glass golem thingy that went smash. Then in door number 2 there was a proper hard dragon man, who had shiny pebbles and a cool sword.

Daft punk is playing at ma house. ma house. Sorry its stuck in my head.

LRP was fun. I feel dead now though. It was a diplomancy mission and me and the other elf got boons ^_^ I have a leaf! but it was basically to make a middle ground between elves and drawves but we were betrayed by dark elves as they are sneaky and annoying. Also I have learnt to chase after a certain monster, I have trapped a nerve in my foot, and my bedroom is on the 2nd floor of the house.....-.-' That will be fun later and tomorrow. But other than that it was fun as I got t o do elfy things and be diplomatic where humans were the useless race :D  Oh and I got possessed but its all good and I didnt try and kill the party at all honest....:D


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