Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Home alone, \o/

It would be nice to have some company when Johns at work but it is nice to have the peace and quiet, I can do things at my own pace, its wonderful.
So I have spent my days alone, singing (badly), playing games, watching morning TV like I used to. Tomorrow I will be cleaning most of this house as John lit the fire and the smoke went everywhere, I had to open every window in the house, so I will clean and light a few insence, Dragons Blood ftw.

Today was a little odd though it was fin to get out of the house. I found a bowl big enough and nice enough for LRP so that will be coming to SF with me, along with most of the house ;) Also one of the ladies that I work with at the charity shop fell over a few weeks ago and hurt her arm (she is quite old btw) and it has taken three weeks for people to realise that it is broken, so she will go for physio and heat  treatment or get it re broken and cast up. Sucks to be her.

I think I will be baking cupcakes for SF too, I was thinking of making a red velvet cake but that would take alot of cooking, and cupcakes are easier to transport. I might make them all different colours.

So yeah tomorrow will be cleaning and listening to music really loud, well as loud as the laptop will let me really.

"Happiness hit V like a train on the track" 


  1. We didn't get the Crawstone demon just so you know, we bitched a mummy instead. Hopefully next time Bill runs, we can have you there for it.

  2. Yay, hopefully I can get my kill on with this demon :D