Sunday, 10 July 2011

Amoung cogs, springs and screws.

So I left Fridays blog on a bit of a low note, so sick of my mood and my current surroundings so I went for a walk in the forest in an attempt to loose myself and get rid of the dark cloud above my head. So on my path down towards the old train restoration place (there are pics of it somewhere) I chose a different path than I normally take, I mean its not hard to get that lost, one ways its mostly downhill so you just have to go up hill to get back and there are electrical lines so if you find those just walk either way and you will probably find people ect. On my walk, I would come up with different convosations I might have with different people if I was IC, I mainly did it to distract myself from the world and how quiet it got at one point. So I was walking through this patch of pine forest, where everything is pratically in a straight line, near enough, and every now and then there are big tyre marks so there is bound to be a way out if you manage to get lost ( it would be very hard) So I got to one end of this patch and thought I would walk down hill from there, I couldn't so I decided to practically back on my self if not a few tree rows down back to the big main path, I got to the edge of the line of trees to be met with a load of thistles, I walked over most of them but I did get thwaked in the ass with one as it sprang back up again, the yelp I made was priceless, shame there was no one around to point and laugh. Anyway I continued in to another part of the 'older' part of the forest, which means its not in neat lines and made of pine. So I managed it down the hill to this wooden bridge, and by bridge I mean a few planks across a 'stream' I saw that it for a little thick and it was like 4ish so I thought I would slowly and I mean slowly make my way back up the hill and to home. I probably got back at like half 4 maybe so I was out about 2 hours ish, but by the time I got back the voices in my head made me feel better :D. If the distraction works it works no matter how mad.

DnD was fun, we somehow managed the wind elemental without dying, yay. Um what else was there, oh we looked down a well and I had to explain to the duskblade that the shaft of the well ended like 10-20ft before it got to the water below. This involved a diagram. There was a room of death, and I mean death, there were flames hundereds of arrows, eldritch blasts. Though in the end it was me going out in to this room doing the opposite of the riddle that was on this door (lead with your left foot instead of the right) and I end up falling over as for some odd reason I'm holding Johns tower shield, so I fall over on to the shield and being a tiny elf I can lie on it quite safely, so Johns paladin comes in, picks me up on the shield and carries me to the other end. Then I think it was a corridor of death. Then a room of death with a demon (in the shape of a tyranid) but Johns paladin dealt 70 something points of damage with both of his smite evils on it (we're all lvl 5 now btw) and then it was a room of treasure. I think i got some platinum and a silver sword.

Side note the H key has just flown off as it is not stuck on properly.Woo I did it and I think it is fixed properly so that I wont flick it with my finger as I get my pace in typing.

So back to the weekend, Saturday was pretty dull, I mean I would have been LRPing but it was pushed to the next weekend. I think I played some dragon age 2, the thing about playing a mage in DA2 is that the gameplay is smooth and fast and its really quite fun.

Today we went to John's grandparents wedding anniversary dinner in a hotel called the Lambsquay, its a small, hotel near Coleford. I wouldn't say that I would stay there my self, the rooms are a little too floral for my tastes. And the food is ok but I think at times it was a little bland, it didn't leave a good memory in my mind, the gravy was like brown water, there was no substance to the stuff. The dessert was nice I had a banoffee icecream cheesecake which I had to hack away at because it was so frozen, even if it was an icream cheesecake, it should have some resemblence to bloody cheesecake not just the shape, you should beable to cut it easily with a fork or a spoon, not hack at it like your trying to get through someones ribs. So you sort of eat there with a vauge "yes am eating the food even if its naff". Also it was took pink and out dated for my tastes. 

I would quite happily to eat at the crown, thier food is really good even if you dont get enough of it and have to paid a mortage to eat there.

Ah well back to not going on the laptop til 4 again, looks like I will be going for more walks. 

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