Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sunshine and Blue skies

So the weekend is over and the week by myself (with John) in this giant house begins, I mean I did it before and I have done it before back in taunton. But it can be a little unnerving when your in a large house all by yourself, esp last year when John was a farrier living in Swindon and I was alone for most of the week, I'm just glad I'm not in the middle of nowhere and there are people that I know close by. And also if anyone was dumb enough to break in I can defend myself :)
Also the other challange is cooking, I mean the freezers full of food but we dont really know how to cook the big food like the joints of meat, though the meat that is in this house feeds 4-6 so I dont think we will bother, but I mean I have to be imaginative and stuff. But atleast most of the food has instructions. Oh and the bestest part is that I do not hae to light or clean out the Rayburn, I would probably set the house on fire, which I do not want to do, though when I want to shower I will have to heat it as the shower we have to use at the moment uses the water that is heated by the rayburn as our shower is broken and I don't know if its fixed, Johns dad said we couldnt use it til tomorrow.

So today was day two of working a half day at the Dean Heritage Centre, which I am getting paid for as I (and others ) are covering for someone, and as the shop at the museum is being referb'ed it means the receptionists have to work out of a shed thing, but luckily the weather was good so I sat outside on the bench and whenever customers would come through the  gate I would get up and serve them. So I spent this morning working on my tan...I am slightly darker than my normal colour, but my legs are still whitish....*sigh*

Me and John went to see Transformers 3 which I think was the best of the three, I apart from the bits with  Sams parents, I mean that was not needed. Parents in every universe are just embaressing.

So if anyone has any cooking tips greatly appreciated ;)

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